About the Writer & Services



With dual backgrounds in education and public library service, Gloria brings over ten years of experience to write articles, edit, develop small business communications, produce cover letters and resumes, as well as web content. A natural talent for language and words plus a diverse range of interests creates ideas that impact not only the intended reader, but beyond. She
relishes the in variety of freelance work, always willing to tackle new subjects, or a fresh slant.

Besides having supplied a variety of print articles for local and national  publications, she has written extensively for the bridal market, having been the Health & Beauty Editor for Signature Bride magazine. Her work was also featured in Going to the Chapel (Putnam, 1998), a groundbreaking manual for brides and grooms of color.

Services provided:
Articles-- ability to produce top-quality content  including magazines, newspapers, compnay profiles, newsletters, press releases, brochures,and web content in a number of subjects.

                 Areas of Interest & Expertise: Arts & Humanities, Cultural Trends, Beauty, Education, Environmental,
                 Family Relationships, Food & Drink, Healthy Living, Human Interest, Lifestyles, Ethnic Concerns, Bridal/Weddings,
                 Travel, Chicago history, Women's Issues

Copy Editing-- Provide grammatically correct content making changes to improve and enhance without losing author's original voice and theme. 

Line Editing--Manuscripts are edited for grammar, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, spelling, sentence structure, and misplaced modifiers.

Research--Finding needed information requires a knowledge of  choosing information appropriate to the client's needs.
Will search for books, periodicals, web resouces, and other criteria.

Resume Service-- Custom-designed resume solutions to showcase your skills and generate interviews. Cover letters and helpful presentation tips are also part of this service.

Desktop Publishing--Targeting small businesses, non-profits, and others, will create sales literature, fliers, letterheads, and also personal formats such as invitations and announcements. Smaller budgets can still get big, positive results.

A lifelong bibliophile, Gloria is based in Chicago, Illinois. Contact for services at: gg.rainbow@juno.com