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Not For Bridesmaids Only
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 Like frequent flier miles, it seems that frequent bridesmaids pile up dresses (instead of miles) that are eventually laid to rest in some far corner of a closet or attic. Being asked to be part of a wedding party often meant spending big bucks for a frock that seemed deliberately designed to make the wearer look frumpy. To top it off, it was usually worn only once, as hardly anyone wanted to put on such a fashion blunder again. But if the trend continues, that doesn't have to be the case......

The Riviera by the Lakefront
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"Ladies and gentlemen, this is station WEBH, coming to you tonight from the world-famous Marine Dining Room of the Edgewater Beach Hotel, on the shores of Lake Michigan, presenting Wayne King..."

So went the mellifluous tones of a baritone radio announcer in the days when TV was just a distant reality, and elegance was......

Lust Over Logic
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Like any good TV mini-series, all the elements were there: a sports celebrity, an obsessed fan, unrequited attentions, and frantic behavior, all set against the backdrop of the big city. It could have been considered an odd meeting of the East meeting the Midwest.

He was a popular, well-liked baseball player from Philadelphia who got in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was a typist whose......

Hand Jive
    This article originally appeared in Signature Bride magazine.
Ring. Gown. Hall. Photographer. Cake.  Did that checklist say, "Nails?"

Absolutely--along with anything that reuqires advance planning, nail and hand care are no less important. The hands (and feet!) work harder than any other parts of the body, and planning a memorable wedding places even more pressure on them. They need special.........